Friday, January 1, 2010

hi~~ bee tin was here ~~

yee~~ why this blog macam sudah mati wan .. yer..
i miss u all.. heh

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! woohoo

hw 's your last day in 2009??
haha.... i was in OU wanted to ask u guys out .. but all got own plan..

hello.. sukie is leaving on feb..
are we going to held a farewell party for her??

contact me ..
msn :

heh !
happy 2010 ya!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


hello... ello.... llo.... lo.... o..... oh no!! so many echos.. feels like an empty cave... empty shell...

just wondering what are all the 5 merbauians 2008 doing..... did you have a great christmas? to those who free for a moment... kindly update how are you lately =P

as for me... i guess.... i'm most probably going ktar on May 2010... for year 2009, i slacked... so... nothing much from me i guess....

Please Spend A Minute or Two to post something =P

Saturday, September 12, 2009


oh gosh, so long no one update this blog d ?? everyone still remember our 5 merbau ma??

our puan ng, and our pei chien?? HAHA, the 2 main generator that keeps our class functioning
anyway, since i'm so free, so i'm here for a slight update... i'm not sure how many of you guys out there will get to read this but i'll just post la =)

me, just back from ns, sabah san shui camp... it was awesome !! i dun even feel like coming back sm actually... haha... stay at em better... at least i won't have that many stuff to worry huh... haha... but ya, i'm back to reality... the world of decisions... so many things have to decide, every single decision makes a difference, =(

fyi : sm = semenanjung malaysia, em = east malaysia

ok, small reunion

date : today, 12th September 2009
venue : not sure wo, kindly contact anyone to ask around =P
time : dinner time lor, maybe 6pm?? haha

the details, i don't know... i wasn't informed by anyone fully... erm... just let me know if you're going la, so i could come out a number for booking? or maybe just to know how many ppl is going for the small reunion? XD

yours sincerely,
mr boon boon =P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bonjour! (means harlo)
Hey, i'm here to update dis blog! cant leave dis blog like dat la, so dead! how sad you know?
Why everyone dont love this class already? Why why why? okay, nonsense i know. Hmm..wat to write about leh? Hmm..okay la, tell about my college life la. Me, Apple, Fishball, Deidre and Bianca are all in KDU you right now. Mr.Arnand, our Front office lecturer cancel the class. Before that, we had our breakfast with our college friends. Let's me introduce you..theyre Andrew and Jason (not our class that andrew and jason) haha..they two look so dead, not enough of sleep? then since Mr.Arnand cancel d class then we are now here lo! After that got German class, im so tired laaa! Apple, you must be the same right? our schedule are so pack, everyday our class start at 8 and end at 5 or 7pm, sometimes without break ! but somehow i just enjoy my college life la! But hor, i hate one of the guy in my class, guess you guys are the same with me, Brian, he's damn annoying and yong sui..So i hate good if he's not in my class, then that will be perfect lu! okay, done! so time to say goodbye!

Guten Tag~

Guten Tag to all my classmates... Wie gest es Ihnen?? Don't know what's the meaning leh~ Hoho~ That's German.. And Guten Tag means Good day and... Wie gest es Ihnen? means How are you??

Ms.Fishball, Ms.Meow, Ms.Moy Lien, Ms.Bianca and me just started learned new langauge~ German. Our course-International Hotel & Tourism Managment need to learn new langauges, either German or French. We got try before both but finally decided choose German. It is quite fun and easier than French. Hoho~

This few days we all rushing for our peak schedule.. Very very tired. I'm missing 5 Merbau.. Hehee~ My class means Ihtm7 is quite good lar.. But some of them like very sombong and seem like reject to be friends with us.. And I and Ms.Meow they all very sombong and quiet?? You all should know all about us right?? I want to mix with them but they just look at me like sapo~ Bullshit!!!! Hate it!!! 5 Merbau is the Best!!! Missing you all lar~

Okey, That's all. I want to know all about what had you all did currently?? Bye~

= Eiwynn Chua=

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Proof

I'm alive, i'm not a dead blog....

just lazy to change my body =P

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Damansara Jaya..

4 Merbau

5 Merbau

Tan Cheow Yuen

Lew Cheau Wei

Chua Lee Ping

Ho Moy Lien

Bianca Lee Mei Teng

Kolej Damansara Utama

International Hotel & Tourism Managment...

We meet again..

We are classmates again!!! Hehee=)

I'm Eiwynn Chua.. Oh ya.. Forget to tell you all I'm first time posting here.. This a dead blog!? Is it?? Dun know... See you guys!